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We also offer classic erotic boudoir pin-up as well.

At Ken W. Studio we focus on developing top quality boudoir, glamour, and body shots that empower our clients. Through the art of photography we strive to communicate the essence of your attitude and personality in each shot. We guide every client we work with through the process of our shoot. We promote an integral air of fun and spontaniety which will help maintain a relaxed vibe for every session, but we also maintain a level of professionalism, skill, and sensitivity. We're thoughtful of the entire experience you will have with our studio.

Professional on Location Glamour Modeling


Although our main focus is capturing the human body overall, we excel in niche boudoir photography including classic in studio or on site boudoir & glamour photos to help you discover your inner goddess, to pin-up styled shots, Great maternity & figure photography, nude and/ or suggested-nudity. We don't strip you of your natural qualities; we work with them and incorporate every asset of your personality into the shoot. At our studio we also do great work for athletic performers and excel in sports and fitness photography. We shoot dancers, dance photography, and also bikini & swimsuit shots.

Visit the appropriate links above to check out some of our work and previous clients. Contact us via e-mail to inquire about booking a shoot in Baltimore. We're available on location or in studio. We look forward to getting you great, fully realized boudoir photos that will leave you feeling your most confident.