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Ken W. Studio offers engaging and creative photos for an extensive network of models and individual clients nationally and transnationally who have all sought out a top professional model & fashion photographer. We also have a variety of clothing manufacturer and apparel company clients who come to our studio looking for well-thought out, relevant portfolio and catalogue shots. We go into each shoot with a creative mode of operation and a penchant for full realized, quality shots. We excel in communicating your brand and image authentically to a potential client and to the audience in which you're trying to reach.

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We're the leaders in expertly getting great shots for fashion & beauty portfolios, cosmetic catalogues, and model portfolios or lookbooks. We want to focus on who you are, how you're trying to represent yourself, and with the art of photography, capturing exactly what you're trying to communicate to the industry and exactly how you'd like to be perceived. Unlike other photographers, we work exceptionally in studio (taking advantage of indoor, studio lighting and multi-faceted backdrops for crisp and striking photos) as well as on location (manipulating the elements and taking advantage of translucent light for cerebral, textured results). It's our goal to collaborate with you, the client, in a creating photos that you can use, and will be completely satisfied with

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For all current rate info and/or to book a shoot: contact via e-mail. Don't let an amateur fail to recognize the goal you have for your shoot — let a professional catch that certain spark that your Fashion & Beauty or Model Portfolio should have to help you excel.