Event Photographer for Los Angeles & New York

Need a professional event photographer to document a business event? We cover all kinds of events in regards to your business, such as meetings, social gatherings, conventions, etc. We provide the best professional event photography that can be used for public display and will show the great qualities of your company.

Event Photography in LA, California

We mainly shoot within Los Angeles and New York City, but our services are definitely not limited to just those two areas. We will try to accommodate you and your company as much as we can to make the process much smoother and easier. For more info, please click on the link above where our contact info will be in. We also do corporate headshots as well as annual report photography.


You are an executive in the business world. You need a talented and creative advertising / editorial magazine portrait photographer in New York or LA to project confidence and success. You have come to the right place for business, corporate, location, annual report photography in Los Angeles. In the rough business world, a top corporate and executive head shot can let your clients know that you are ready for business and can be trusted. Wear a great business suit, bring a great smile with some humor. A great digital corporate photographer can bring the spontaneous out of the stiff and wooden businessman. In other words, a good photographer of people, actors, and fashion models can usually extend this talent to the world or corporate business. And this skill will be reflected in the end product of a top commercial headshot or press kit for your postcards and brochures. Don't waste your money and go half way -- flushing your advertising business and money down the drain when looking for a great corporate photographer! Go all the way and get your Fortune 500 business photos done right. Spend more and then earn more. Great editorial, advertising or entertainment photographers are not easy to find. It's a simple philosophy. For awesome executive portraits, the studio works usually out of the Hollywood California and New York areas as well as all of these nearby communities listed at the end of the page. We also provide great event photography for Los Angeles.

Amazing Event Photographer

We specilaize in corporate and business events in Los Angeles California.

At Ken W. Studio our foremost goal is a simple and concise one- getting great photos. For you. That ring true —visually and aesthetically. Regardless of what arena you're in, event photoshoots serve as an undoubtedly beneficial asset to, not only a portfolio, but to ones brand. For either an actor or budding models personal brand, or representative shots that capture the brand of your business. We do our best to render you precisely how you envision yourself. We focus on strong, rich photography that extract each clients personal best, achieving quality representation of each subject. We offer a relaxed and pro-fun environment on each shoot. We want to make getting great photos for you not only a successful process, but an enjoyable one as well. We work naturally in studio and on-site. We excel in both by taking advantage of the specific benefits that each environment provide. We promote a collaborative and communicative process during each shoot — by working with you we ensure results that you're completely satisfied with. For studio or on-site events, contact via e-mail for inquires and current rate info.