Professional Fashion Photography in Los Angeles County

For the high-fashion world, it is a necessity to have a highly skilled and versatile fashion photographer who captures bold and timeless fashion shots. Ken W. Studio goes into each individual shoot with one simple and concise goal in mind: obtaining chic, haute coutre fashion photos that will bring success to you or your company. Whether it's contemporary or vintage, we can give your images the edge and sophisticated look that will make the difference in your career. Can be studio or location.

Top Prints for Modeling Portfolio in Alpine

A model who is jumping into the fashion and modeling world should never underestimate the power of trendsetting glamour and modeling pictures. Great shots are the calling card that make the difference in the elite modeling world. Your portfolio images will be utilized for composite and zed cards; they need to be of the greatest quality. For this reason it is imperative to choose the best fashion photographers in Alpine who can bring you the stylish and classic prints you need to shift your modeling career to the level it deserves. We work with models represented by agencies as well as model-beginners who are looking to get a foot into the door of the fashion and designer clothing industry. We shoot both male and female model portraits and tailor the shoot for each accordingly. We can shoot in color or black and white.

Alpine Beauty Photography

If you need model shots for promotional material of make-up, hair, skin-care products, beauty spreads, clothing lines, or your cosmetic catalog, we can provide appealing and consumer-friendly shots for your beauty line or campaign. Finding a professional beauty photographer in Alpine can be a difficult process. It's important to book a top beauty photographer that has a reputation for getting clean and flawless pictures. The studio is experienced at capturing beautiful and youthful shots of our models.

Our studio also provides music photography, fitness photography, and professional headshots for Alpine.