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Acting/Modeling Headshots in Bridgeport

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Professional Photography- Models and Actors Headshots

Getting a great Bridgeport headshot photographer should come first when looking into an acting career. Our headshots result in that which casting directors, acting agents and managers are thrilled to reproduce for publicity. Your photos should have an interesting composition and spark that makes them compelling, something that stands out from the others. The studio strives to achieve affordable images that will enhance your career to its fullest. At the Ken W studio we can produce great fashion & beauty glamour headshots that just may be the calling card that makes the difference in the modeling and high fashion world. With a professional Bridgeport Headshot Photographer you can be sure to recieve top quality headshots! It always imperative to choose an editorial-advertising Bridgeport fashion, beauty, and glamour photographer who can seize the moment and help propel your fashion and modeling career to the level it deserves.

Of course, for good acting, actor or actress headshots is getting great headshots in a fun environment which will enhance your actors headshot portfolio and get the phone ringing for you. At the Ken W. Studio we provide a great fun enviorment. Let the photos show off your spontaneous, relaxed, easygoing, natural, and elegant looks. Your headshot photos will show off your different acting personalities as well as rise above the acting crowd to succeed, and at our studio you can be assured of a good choice of amazing acting headshots styles be it in studio or on location.

We also work exceptionally in the realm of health & fitness photography, getting great shots for dancers, athletic performers, yoga & serenity photography as well as bikini & swimsuit photos. It's our goal to collaborate with you, the client and the model, in creating photos that you can use, and will be completely satisfied with. For studio or on-site shoots, contact via e-mail for inquires and current rate info in Bridgeport.

Music Photography

We have shot the music stars of todays generation and the musical stars of tomorrow- which may be you! Our Bridgeport music photography is not limited to one genre. We have shot for Rap, Rock, Blues, Opera Singers, Country, Pop, Funk, Acoustic, and all sorts in-between.Weither you are a musician - in a band or a solo - keep the Ken W. Professional Photography studio in mind for its top music photography images. And your music photography can either be studio or location. Celebrity Music Photographers in Bridgeport are specialized and few, so dont forget to keep the studio in mind for all your CD projects and CD artwork needs.