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Music Photographers & Headshot Photography in Los Angeles

We have shot the music stars and the music wannabe's - who will be music stars tomorrow--which may be you! Music comes from you to the world and is transmitted usually with a great music photo. And your music photography can either be in studio or on location. Celebrity Music Photographers in Charlotte are specialized and few, and those photographers usually become music photographers for the love of music. We cater to the Charlotte area and all the outlying areas. Please keep the studio in mind for all your CD projects and CD artwork needs.

Top quality band headshots

Best Musical Photographer & Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles

If you are a musician, wether in a band or solo, our studio has worked with a variety of musical generes. We have shot for Rap, Rock, Blues, Opera Singers, Country, Pop, Dance, Funk, Acoustic, Electric, and all sorts of folks in-between. We have shot with the musical talents of today and the stars of tomorrow- that may be you! Keep our Chandler photography in mind for its top music photography images and for all of your CD projects and CD artwork needs. Your music photography can either be shot in studio or on location.

Shoots are available in studio or on location. For all current rate info and/or to book a shoot: contact via e-mail. Don't let an amateur fail to recognize the goal you have for your shoot — let a professional catch that certain spark that your commercial and promotional photos should have to help you excel.

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