Knoxville Music Photography

Finding a top music photographer in Knoxville, TN isn't as complciated as you think. The best Tennessee music photographers have the flexibility and skill to shoot any style or genre. Regardless if you're a rap artist, an opera singer, a rock n' roll musician, jazz band, etc. -- a great photographer can capture you unique energy and emotion of their subjects.

Best Music Photography in Knoxville for singers or musicians

Ken has an extensive portfolio filled with many high-profile celebrity clients and wealth of experience working with every style and genre. Whether you perform classical, jazz, hip hop, rock n' roll, pop, or anything else, he has the skill and flexibility to capture any style. In addition, a professional and relaxed atmosphere can be guaranteed during the shoot, whether location or studio. If you're a musician or performer in Tennessee looking for the best music photography has to offer, please keep in mind the studio and bring any inquiries to e-mail or call the corresponding studio number.

Professional Singer and Musican Headshots

We have great rapport with everyone we work with — fully grasping your brand as a musician in addition to grasping who you are as a person. We capture precisely how you imagine yourself being depicted, and meet our clients goals for great music prints. We make sure correctly communicate who you are in each shoot and offer headshots that will be a major benefactor in your portfolio, or for any intended use. We entrust that your photos will have a rich composition and that certain spark that is necessary to propel you in the industry.

Our studio also offers great fitness photography, fashion prints, and headshots for the Knoxville area.