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Ken Weingart - a renowned editorial and advertising photographer - is offering a unique one day workshop for emerging and intermediate photographers who want to take their careers in a new and forceful direction.

To inquire about upcoming workshops, please contact me here.  

Ken has a deep knowledge of portrait photography, from editorial and small consumer clients to highly complex advertising jobs.

He has photographed dozens of Academy & Grammy-Award winning actors, musicians, and directors, including Ang Lee, Natalie Portman, Helen Mirren, Marc Anthony, The Coen Brothers, Kate Winslet, and Sean Penn.

In the upcoming workshop, Ken will discuss and demonstrate practical and empowering tips for shooting people and portraits. The day should be transformative, fun, and rewarding.

The knowledge you gain should help you focus your goals and creative talents as a portrait photographer. You should be able to take away skills which you can apply to the following disciplines:

  • Editorial Magazine Work
  • Advertising
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Fitness & Body
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Lifestyle & Family
  • Headshots & Corporate
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Narrative Photojournalism

The workshop will be limited to 6 participants for maximum personal attention and intimacy.


  • 9-10 am: Meet at the studio. Introductions to the participants and a discussion of work, goals, dreams, and desires. A review of everyone’s current best works will be explored and critiqued.
  • 10-1pm: Discussions of light and composition for sculpting light in shooting people.
  • Demonstrations among participants of all types of studio light—both hard and soft as well as shadows vs. flat lighting — with critique, questions and answers.
  • Types of light demonstrated include:

    • Umbrella-Soft — various strategies for placement.
    • Grids, sizes & placement.
    • Bounce
    • Snoot
    • Ringlight
    • Power Packs, wireless systems, and head choices.

  • Composition and Direction

    • a) Are your getting a blank stare or authenticity? How to maximize results.
    • b) Negative space and the possibilities of composition.

  • 1-1:30 pm: Lunch.
  • 1:30-5pm: Continuation of studio photography, and if time permits, an Introduction to location shooting: open shade, direct sun, and more.


To inquire about upcoming workshops, please contact me here.    


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Please bring your digital camera and laptop, ready to shoot and upload. (If you do not have equpiment you can still sign up).




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Photo Workshops in Los Angeles

If you have an interest in a Creative Photography workshop in the LA area, Please email the studio with photo workshop in the subject line — with a short letter (and/ or resume) about yourself.

The studio hopes to provide a first rate best photo education with top notch lessons and courses in portrait photography. Classes are good for beginners or advanced and should be even more interesting flexible than offered at photo schools!