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Finding a quality, professional photographer in St. Louis can be a difficult process. Great shots are an important and essential asset to your portfolio and should be done masterfully. A good shot is the face of your portfolio, and serves as the literal representation of your brand. So as you could imagine, something as important as the face of your brand is best captured and represented by a photographer who has a refreshing body of work and a reputation for quality results.

Top Musical Photographer & Fashion Photography in St Louis

We do our best to capture the truest essence of our subject and promote the their best qualities, letting their best side shine through. If you're in the corporate or business world — we're the best in getting great stylized headshots and corporate group shots that focus on a clean and sleek composition but never read as boring. We excel in music photography for a variety of genres including hip-hop, rock, alternative, and opera. We've shot some of today's most sought acts and have also helped propel performers and bands on the fringe that are destined for the mainstream. Also if you check out our celebrity roster you'll see it's full of bright, well-known talent from actors and personalities to model portraits and editorial stories. We do our best to capture the truest essence of our subject and promote their best qualities, letting their best side shine through.


Ken W photography wants to help you succeed at achieving the perfect headshots that casting directors, acting agents, and managers are thrilled to reproduce for publicity. You want your headshot photos to capture how you would look coming through the door of your acting audition. Headshot shoots are a creative process, like acting, and should be fun. Your headshot photos should have a compelling spark that makes them stand out from the other actors headshots. Wow them by those perfect headshot photos of you showing your spontaneous, relaxed, easy-going, natural, elegant, acting personalities. The eyes are the windows to every actors soul, therefore for most headshots, we try to bring out the essence of the actor, which we feel is all in the eyes. This all starts with a great St. Louis headshot photographer. Your headshots will rise above the rest of the acting crowd, and at our studio you can be assured of a good choice of amazing acting headshots, be it in studio or on location.

Amazing St. Louis Music Photographer and Corporate

Ken W. Studio has amassed not only the experience that's required, but a masterful eye for capturing that certain spark and finesse that your photos deserve to have.

We excel in music photography and strive to capture the aesthetic that the band or performer we're shooting wants to communicate to their appropriate audience. We've shot a variety of genres including rap, rock, opera, and alternative. We also do great work for business and corporate offices — getting executes clean and crisp headshots or office group shots that are engaging and communicate strength & success.

Contact the studio today to book a shoot with us in St Louis. Shoots are available on site and well as in studio.We promise the results will be long-lasting and beneficial. We look forward to getting you great shots.