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At Ken W. Studio we focus on developing your brand, through the art of photography, and communicating the essence of your attitude and personality in each shot. Authenticity and uniqueness have become scarce commodities especially in the modeling and beauty industry. Standing out from your contemporaries has become an incredibly urgent means to excelling. We want to get you creative, desirable shots for your portfolio that will help untether you from the crowd.

We offer strong, quality fashion & beauty images for both male and female models and subjects. We get shots that guarantee to communicate your brand and image authentically to a potential client, at an audition, or to any audience in which you're trying to reach. We build an authentic rapport with everyone we work with; gaining a firm understanding of who you are, and most importantly: what you have to say. In a fast-paced market it's imperative to book an experienced fashion photographer who can get you shots that utilize a rich network of skill, precision, and style to help represent you relevantly, and successfully. Our process is organically progressive — we don't strip you of your natural qualities; we work with them and incorporate every asset of your personality into the shoot.

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Whether you're looking to build a well-thought out model, fashion, beauty and cosmetic portfolio full of quality shots or add to an already one, it's of your best interest to keep .:. Ken W. Studio .:. in mind. Visit the appropriate links above to check out some of our work and previous clients. Contact us via e-mail to inquire about booking a shoot in Baltimore. We're available on location or in studio for all types and ages. In this industry, a striking visual is priceless.