Cincinnati - Local Fashion & Beauty Photography for Portfolio/ Catalogue Work

Professional Photographer | Ken W. Studio

We offer strong, quality photos that guarantee to communicate your brand and image authentically to a potential client or to any audience in which you're trying to reach in Cincinnati. The photographic process is much more than getting great, compelling shots of our clients and models. We aim to help, with theart of photography, brand our clients and their image stylishly and with crisp precision.

We make it a priority to gain a firm understanding of our client and promote a communicative and cooperative environment such as to get the results most desired by you.


The fashion and beauty industry in Cincinnati is dominated by visual representation. We want to get great fashion and beauty shots for your portfolio that will help separate you from the crowd and proclaim your aesthetic vision. It's our aim to help you create a unique, compelling, and intuitively stylized portfolio that will leave a long lasting impression at an audition, on your social media to your peers, and ultimately the audience in which you're trying to impact.

Top Modeling Photographer in CINCINNATI

It's in your best interest to keep our studio in mind for Fashion, Beauty, and Catalogue photos that will prove to be long-lasting and beneficial.

We excel in fashion & glamour photography for working models represented by agencies as well as model-beginners who are looking to get a foot in. We shoot both male and female model portfolios and tailor the shoot for each accordingly. It's our goal to collaborate with you, the client, in a creating photos that you can use, and will be completely satisfied with. For studio or on-site shoots, contact via e-mail for inquires and current rate info.