Top Spokane Fashion Photography

A model who is jumping into the fashion modeling world can never underestimate the power of good artistic fashion and beauty images. Your modeling photos will be utilized for composite and zed cards. Great fashion/ glamour shots are the calling card that make the difference in the modeling world. We shoot both male and female modeling portfolios .

Professional Glamour Photography in Spokane

For fashion, beauty, cosmetics, and top glamour modeling portfolios in Spokane, the studio strives to achieve images that will enhance your career to its fullest. We can concentrate on women's half body figure shots or also create beauty and glamour headshots as well.

Great Beauty Images

It's important to book a top beauty photographer that has a reputation for getting clean and flawless images. The studio is experienced at capturing beautiful and youthful shots of our models. If you need model shots for promotional material of make-up, hair, and skin-care products, beauty spreads, or your cosmetic catalog, we can provide appealing and consumer-friendly shots for your beauty line or campaign. Ken W. Studio has amassed not only the experience that's required, but a masterful eye for capturing that certain spark and finesse that your model portfolio needs to help you excel. Our process is a focused and successful one; utilizing a rich tapestry of precision, context, and dynamic composition when shooting each one of our models or subjects. We provide only the best fashion images for those looking to enrichen their fashion & model portfolio or add well thought-out photos to their beauty or cosmetic catalogues.

In addition, the studio also specializes in great fitness and boudoir photography, professional headshots, and some of the best music photography.