Body & Fitness Photography | Pacific Palisades, CA

Are you a fitness model in Pacific Palisades who is looking for contemporary and premium photographer to build your portfolio? We are considered to be one of the best in Pacific Palisades fitness and modeling photography. We produce bold body and fitness shots that will make a difference in making you stand out as a top model and getting booked.

Professional Fitness Photography in Pacific Palisades

Ken W. Studio specializes in capturing movement, anatomy, and physique for fitness and sports photography. We have worked with a variety of athletes and fitness models in dance, sports, yoga, pilates, aerobics, and more. We handle every shoot with refined versatility and detail, but we also know that the photographic process is much more than getting great fitness shots of our clients and models. We consider all facets of the process— from getting beautiful images of our subjects, to booking the session with the studio, and the delivery of the final images.

Best in Boudoir and Intimate Photography

Our boudoir and lingerie photoshoots are always a ton of fun, and we make sure we leave every client feeling confident and satisfied with the alluring and intimate photos that we get for them. We work hard to achieve results that ring true and inform those who will see your photos of your brand to your whole audience. We want to get fitness and boudoir shots that speak to your personality and showcase your unique sensuality and help you stand out in your market. We make it our priority to, with the art of photography, help you shine your brightest.

Please also consider our studio for fashion, modeling, music, or headshot photography.