Professional Acting Headshots in Newport Beach

In the entertainment industry, a quality headshot serves as the literal face of your brand. It can communicate immediately who you are as an actor, model, entertainer, or personality to a client, or at an audition. A headshot can be the determining factor in being considered a candidate for a gig, and an average one can send you home without the prospect of a call-back. In an over-capacitated industry full of hopefuls looking to get their break, a quality headshot is an urgent, and integral facet of your portfolio. Ken. W Studios focuses on just that — strong, concise headshots that a potential client will remember you by, for actors, models, and a varied palette of roles in the industry. The Studio focuses on who are, what you're trying to communicate, and how you want to be represented in the industry. We make it a priority to gain a firm understanding of our client and promote a communicative and cooperative environment such as to get the results most desired by you. Headshots are available at the studio or on location, contact via e-mail for inquiries or quotes.