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Ken W. Studios offers headshots for an extensive palette of clients in Redondo Beach. Headshots, done properly and executed masterfully, can propel you in the industry and often times are also the determining factor in landing a gig or getting noticed in an increasingly crowded market. A great headshot can be the calling-card when it comes to acting, modeling, or any varied role in the industry. Headshots are also fun, and great for personal use. We make it a priority to understand wholly the goal of our client and we always have a communicative and collaborative mode of operation so that we can work together in getting you the best results possible. When it comes to headshots, it's best to have a professional on call to really nail your vision and capture you precisely how you envision yourself. A good headshot is an integral facet to anyone building their portfolio. Don't let an amateur fail to recognize the goal you have for your shoot— let a professional catch that certain spark that your headshots should have to help you excel. Headshots are available in studio or on location. For all current rate info and/or to book a shoot: contact via e-mail.

Ken W. Headshot Photography - redondo beach

Please click the link above to be directed to the Ken W. Photography Headshot page. Head shots are availble in both commercial, theatrical, and dramatic styles. All images are digital, and can therefore be converted to either color or black and white usage. Studio or location actor and actress headshots for all types and ages.


Headshots for Actors in redondo beach

What we want to help you achieve are headshot photos that will captivate your acting audience during your audition. We will capture amazing headshot photos that would show how you would look coming through the door to your acting audition. Show off your acting skills by showing off your spontaneous, relaxed, easygoing, natural, and elegant personality. Your headshots photos will have an interesting composition and spark that makes them compelling, something that stands out from the other actor headshots in your acting age range and acting physical type. Getting a top headshot photographer in Omaha should come first. Your headshot photos have to rise above the acting crowd to succeed, and at our studio you can be assured of a good choice of awesome acting headshots styles be it in studio or on location.

Redondo Beach Great Musical Photographer

Our Redondo Beach music photography has worked with dozens of different genres. We have shot for Rap, Rock, Blues, Opera Singers, Country, Pop, Dance, Funk, Acoustic, Electric, and all sorts of folks in-between. Are you in a band? Or a solo artist? Which ever it may be, our studio can help you achieve the top music photography images that you deserve. Music comes from you to the world and is transmitted usually with a great musician's photo. We have shot todays A-List stars and the music stars of tomorrow-which may be you! And your music photography shoot can either be in studio or on location. Celebrity Music Photographers in Redondo Beach are specialized and few so dont forget to keep the studio in mind for all of your CD projects and CD artwork needs.

Top Fashion Photographer in Redondo Beach

This studio strives to achieve affordable images that will enhance your career to its fullest. We can concentrate on women's half body figure shots or also create beauty and glamour headshots as well. With the digital acting headshots, you can emphasize the style you want in Redondo Beach . Eventually your fashion, beauty, as well as glamour and figure model headshots will be made into composite or zed card portfolios for the fashion world to see. For this reason is it always imperative to choose an editorial-advertising Redondo Beach fashion, beauty, and glamour photographer who can seize the moment and help propel your fashion and modeling career to the level it deserves. A great fashion & beauty glamour headshot can be the calling-card that makes the difference in the modeling and high fashion world!


We also work exceptionally in the realm of health & fitness photography, getting great shots for dancers, athletic performers, yoga & serenity photography as well as bikini & swimsuit photos. It's our goal to collaborate with you, the client and the model, in creating photos that you can use, and will be completely satisfied with. For studio or on-site shoots, contact via e-mail for inquires and current rate info in Omaha.

We work in a variety of styles and tailor our shoots to meet our individual clients demands and their backgrounds. Relevancy is just as important as quality in our studio. We get great shots in the health and fitness field, acheiving well concieved photos for dancers and in the dance genre, sports photography and athletic performers, and even yoga photography. Our boudoir and glamour shoots are always a ton of fun, and we make sure we leave every client feelings confident and satisfied with the alluring and engaging photos that we get for them. We show alot of versatility in this genre as well — getting great classic boudoir & glamour photos, indoors or outdoors, maternity and figure photos, lingerie photography, nude and/ or implied nudity as well.