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Ken W. Studios offers photos for an extensive palette of clients in Houston. We offer engaging and creative photos for an extensive network of models and individual clients nationally and transnationally who have all sought out a top professional model & fashion photographer in Houston. We also have a variety of clothing manufacturer and apparel company clients who come to our studio looking for well-thought out, relevant portfolio and catalogue shots.


Fashion Photographer and Photography in Houston

We live in the "been there, seen it" age — where authenticity and uniqueness have become scarce commodities. The market has grown over-capacitated and highly saturated. Standing out from your contemporaries has become an incredibly urgent means to excelling in the industry. At Ken W. Studio we focus on developing your brand, through the art of photography, and communicating the essence of your attitude and personality in each shot. We build an authentic rapport with everyone we work with; gaining a firm understanding of who you are, and most importantly: what you have to say. Our process is organically progressive — we don't strip you of your natural qualities; we work with them and incorporate every asset of your personality into the shoot. We ensure that the experience you have with us will be organic and enjoyable and the results that you leave with will be ceaselessly beneficial, and long-lasting. We want to engage -with- you in helping create a truly viable and refreshing portfolio; full of shots that people will remember you by. Breathe new life into your portfolio; book a photographer with the experience and the eye for unique quality to help you showcase how dynamic you can truly be.

Headshots that last and have impact -- check us out!

We're the leaders in expertly getting great shots for fashion & beauty portfolios, cosmetic catalogues, and model portfolios or lookbooks. We excel in getting each individual who comes to us in Houston photos that are rich in content, texture, and composition. For each shoot with every individual client, we strive to capture the truest essence of the subject. We do our best to render you precisely how you envision yourself. It's in our interest to fully grasp the concept of our client, and deliver results that they desire.


Don't let an amateur fail to get compelling and memorable shots for you — let a professional catch that certain spark that your fashion & beauty portfolio and/or catalogue should have to help you excel. Shoots are available in studio or on location. For all current rate info and/or to book a shoot: contact via e-mail.