Professional Music Photography in Citrus Heights

Ken W. Studios offers photos for an extensive palate of clients in Citrus Heights. We produce some of the best music photography in a variety of genres including hip-hop, rock, alternative, opera, and whichever style you're working in. We shoot some of today's most sought out acts and helped propel performers and bands on the fringe that are destined for the mainstream. Acclaimed, well-known actors and personalities fill our celebrity roster. If you are a musician, either in a band or a solo artist, please keep the studio in mind for its top music photography prints.

Top Music Photographer For Singers, Musicians, and Bands

Our music photography is not limited to one genre. We shoot for Rap, Classical, Rock, Blues, Opera Singers, Country, Pop, Dance, Funk, Acoustic, Electric, and all sorts of folks in-between. Music comes from you to the world and is transmitted with great entertainment photography. As with the actors, you can opt for wide angle shots or go for the music headshot. And your music headshot can either be studio or location. Top music photographers in Citrus Heights are specialized and few, and those photographers usually become music photographers for the love of music, so go with great music photographers! Don't forget, that we shoot great promotional art, album and EP covers, and songbooks.

Best Professional Music Photographers Citrus Heights, CA.

There are two major priorities that we have for each individual shoot: Offering a comfortable environment for each client and most importantly, getting great music photographs. The process we have in Citrus Heights is fun, relaxed, and engaging - but we work hard to ensure that we produce sophisticated, top-level results that you will be satisfied with indefinitely. We have great rapport with everyone we work with — fully grasping your brand as a musician in addition to grasping who you are as a person. We capture precisely how you imagine yourself being depicted, and meet our clients goals head-on. We make sure correctly communicate who you are in each shoot and offer headshots that will be a major benefactor in your portfolio, or for any intended use. We entrust that your photos will have a rich composition and that certain spark that is necessary to propel you in the industry. Visit the website for current rate info, or e-mail us for inquiries.

The studio also provides professional headshots, fitness/sports photography, and great prints for model portfolios.