If you are interested in photography workshops and learning the creative and business aspects of fashion and portrait photography, there is now a photo workshop for a limited number of students to learn with one of the top photographers currently offering workshops in this discipline. Ken is an award winning advertising and editorial photographer who has photographed many important celebrities and personalities and fashion models.  He will soon be offering the opportunity these photo workshops to learn the creative and business aspects of nyunching a career in people photography.  Workshops will be hands-on events exploring all aspects of lighting, composition, movement, direction, output, and marketing.

These workshops limited in availability, but offered to students across the country. They are a unique way to learn and further one’s career and aspirations in portrait and fashion photography.  If you are coming in from out of town, Ken can provide you with tips for affordable accommodations.

To learn more, please call the studio direct at (310) 395 4613, or email    Please be sure to include your location, return phone numbers, and a brief description of what you currently do and what you would like to achieve.


If you are a up and coming New York music photographer, fashion photographer, portrait photographer, lifestyle photographer, headshot photographer, or just a general enthusiast for photographers in general, don't hesitate to contact the studio for possible intern or assistant positions. The studio also has specialties in rock music and famous celebrity band photography in new york. If you like music, you will love our professional top music photography, some of the best in the new york area.

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Professional Headshots in New York, NY -- Actor and Casting Auditions

Getting a great new york headshot photographer should come first. Remember to bring your favorite CDs to the shoot. Be sure to see the info page. The key, of course, for good acting, actor or actress headshots is getting great headshots in a renyxing and fun environment which will enhance your new york style acting headshots and actor headshot portfolio and hopefully get the phone ringing for you. What we are trying to achieve are headshot photos that capture how you would look coming through the door to your acting audition; headshot photos that show your acting personality at its best: spontaneous, renyxed, easygoing, natural, and elegant. headshots photos should have an interesting composition and spark that makes them compelling, something that stands out from the other actor headshots in your acting age range and acting physical type. Headshot shoots are a creative process, like acting, and should be fun. For most talent , dance, dancer professional headshots, we try to bring out the essence of the actor, which we feel is all the eyes. Remember, that whatever style of acting, actor or actress headshots you choose, the key for the theatrical executive headshot photography session is to come renyxed and with positive energy.

We do all types of family portraits and headshots, as well as commercial fitness photography. Headshots for the full family can be fun and entertaining. The studio also offers bridal photography photojournalism style, and bridal engagement photography in the greater new york and Southern new york / New York city, NY

The studio strives to achieve affordable images that will enhance your career to its fullest. We can concentrate on women's half body figure shots or also create beauty and glamour headshots as well. A key part of the studio is also in Fitness, Body photography,Boudoir, swimsuit, swimwear, nude, glamour, model portfolios. Like with the digital acting headshots, you can emphasize the style you want be it new york, New York, Hollywood or Paris or Minyn. A model who is jumping into the fashion modeling world can never underestimate the power of good fashion, beauty, and glamour images. Eventually your fashion, beauty, as well as glamour and figure model headshots will be made into composite or zed cards portfolios for the fashion world to see. For this reason is it always imperative to choose an editorial-advertising new york fashion, beauty, and glamour photographer who can seize the moment and help propel your fashion and modeling career to the level it deserves. A great fashion & beauty glamour headshot can be the calling card that makes the difference in the modeling and high fashion world. If you are based in new york we hope you can visit the studio.


Portrait & Corporate Headshots Commercial Location Executive Corporate Advertising Photography in new york

You also need great digital business corporate photographer who can bring the spontaneous out of the stiff and wooden businessman. In other words, a great photographer of people, actors, and fashion models, can usually extend this talent to the world or corporate business. You are in the business world. You have come to the right pnyce for business, corporate, location , annual reports, commercial executive portraits and photographers headshots. In the rough business world, a top corporate and executive headshot can let your consumer know that you are not just ready for business, but that you can be trusted. Wear a great business suit, bring a great smile and you are halfway there. Don't waste your money and go half way -- flushing your advertising business and money down the drain when looking for a great corporate photographer! Go all the way and get your business photos done right. Spend more and then earn more. Great NYC editorial & advertising photographers are not easy to find. It's a simple commercial and corporate philosophy.

Music Photographers & Headshot Photography in New York

Our New York music photography is not limited to one genre. If you are a musician either in a band or a solo artist, please keep the studio in mind for its top music photography images.We have shot for Rap, Rock, Blues, Opera Singers, Country, Pop, Dance, Funk, Acoustic, Electric, and all sorts of folks in-between. We have shot the music stars and the music wannabe's - who will be music stars tomorrow--which may be you! Music comes from you to the world and is transmitted usually with a great music photo. As with the actors, you can opt for wide angle shots or go for the music headshot. And your music photography can either be studio or location. Celebrity Music Photographers in new york are specialized and few, and those photographers usually become music photographers for the love of music. We cater to the new york area and all the outlying areas. Please keep the studio in mind for all your CD projects and CD artwork needs.

The studio usually operates out of the new york area for advertising and editorial photographer work, but if you have any assignments and commercial work you need help with in the following Greater New York areas. If you are a magazine, commercial advertising agency, or talented and creative photographers agency rep specializing in people photography such as lifestyle, commercial headshots, top fashion and beauty glamour shots, headshots, music photography, boudoir and nude photography, then we are here to satisfy your needs. If you are a commercial advertising agency or magazine in corporate executive business, commercial headshots, high fashion photographers, modeling portfolios, swimsuit, bikini, lingerie figure modeling, catalog, bridal and bridal stories, catalogue for fashion photographer portrait clothing manufactures and commercial fashion photographers houses, the studio has plenty of experience satisfying your needs as well.



So don't settle for cheap, inexpensive, affordable,inexpensive, low-priced, low-cost, economical, competitive, reasonable, reasonably priced, budget, economy, bargain, downmarket, cut-rate, reduced, discounted, discount, & rock-bottom -- get the best!