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Professional Photographer .:. Ken W. Studio

Great fashion & beauty shots, done properly and executed masterfully, can help build a strong, memorable portfolio and ultimately propel you in the industry. We produce great results by establishing an authentic rapport with every client so as to communicate your brand in an exact manner. The process we have in Southern California is fun, relaxed, and engaging; but we work hard to ensure that we get shots that you will be satisfied with. Ken W. Studio has an endless resource of experience in fashion & beauty photography and strive to produce high quality results for his wide variety of clients and transnational network of models & creatives.

We serve a wide pallet of clients and tailor the shoot towards the aesthetic and relevancy of each clients background. We get great shots for working models and model beginners that ring true and communicate confidence and success to your audience or at an audition. Whether you're looking to add qualitative results to an already engaging model portfolio, or you're looking to build a portfolio with impressive shots— then it's imperative to keep our studio in mind. We also have a variety of clothing manufacturer and apparel company clients who come to our studio looking for well-thought out, relevant portfolio and catalogue shots.

Book a photographer with a wealth of experience and a reputation for quality results to deliver photos that prove to be a major asset to you, and your portfolio. We are available in studio as well as on location. Visit the website for further inquiries and questions on booking a top fashion, glamour, or beauty photographer in Southern California.