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Great commercial shots, done properly and executed masterfully, can propel you in the industry. We produce great results by establishing an authentic rapport with every client so as to communicate your brand in an exact manner. The process we have in Southern California is fun, relaxed, and engaging; but we work hard to ensure that we get shots that you will be satisfied with. Ken W. Studio has an endless resource of experience in commercial and portrait photography and strive to produce high quality results.

We serve a wide pallet of clients and tailor the shoot towards the aesthetic and relevancy of each clients background. We get shots that ring true and communicate confidence and success to your audience and clients. We're experts in getting great corporate and business headshots and group shots in both commercial and theatrical styles. If you are in the business and corporate world you need a talented and creative corporate photographer to get you great shots that capture you in a way that communicates confidence and strength. We also work extensively in music photography and have got great commercial shots for some of today's most well known acts in a variety of genres. Click the links above view some of the bands, performers, and personalities that we've shot.

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Getting -you- great, quality photos; that is the one simple and concise goal that Ken W. Studio has in mind when going into each individual shoot. We make it our priority to, with the art of photography, help you shine your brightest. We want to get shots that speak to your personality and showcase your uniqueness and help you stand out in your market.

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We have shot the music stars and the music wannabe's - who will be music stars tomorrow--which may be you! Music comes from you to the world and is transmitted usually with a great music photo. And your music photography can either be in studio or on location. Celebrity Music Photographers in San Diego are specialized and few, and those photographers usually become music photographers for the love of music. We cater to the Charlotte area and all the outlying areas. Please keep the studio in mind for all your CD projects and CD artwork needs.

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Celebrity Personality Portraits on Location.

We excel in capturing the essence of our subjects while incorporating their medium. We have helped businesses in getting great corporate headshots, group shots, and portraits for executives and also promotional shots for the business in whole. We've got great, concise shots for the leaders and up and comers of the business world today that are crisp, and communicate strength. We also excel in music photography and have captured some of the most sought after acts in the industry today. We have worked with performers and bands in a variety of genres from rock and rap to alternative, DJ shots, opera, and solo performers. Keep the studio in mind of commercial music photography and album artwork photography.

We provide great, well-conceived shots for a varied palette of clients. We do great work for businesses getting quality corporate photos in a variety of styles. From promotional photography to stylized headshots and portraits for executives that communicate confidence and success. We get great headshots and stylized shots for doctors, lawyers, real estate agents and so on, that capture you in a way that projects confidence and success. A great corporate shot of you or your business can communicate and establish a strong non-verbal introduction to who you are and lets your clients and audience become familiar with you and what you represent. We make sure to get excellent shots for executives and that are clean and crisp — but never boring or too dull.

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Keep the studio in mind for any corporate photography and also great music photography. Book a photographer with a wealth of experience and a reputation for quality results to deliver photos that prove to be a major asset to you, and your portfolio. For all current rate info and/or to book a shoot: contact via e-mail.