Interview with Chinese, American, and Indonesian fine art photographer Mei Xian Qiu

Mei Xian Qiu is a Chinese, American, and Indonesian fine art photographer whose current series, Qilin, is showing at the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles through April 19, 2014.  Mei’s work is rich in metaphor and meanings, and she has had tremendous success. In the following interview, she opens up about her history and how her… Read More →

Interview with Swiss-Israeli fine art photographer Naomi Leshem

Naomi Leshem is a Swiss-Israeli fine art photographer whose current series, Centered, just finished showing at the Andrea Meislin gallery in New York City. Her newest series is called Forty, which references both religion and the desert, and will be shown at The Jerusalem Artists’ House. I recently spoke to Naomi about both these collections… Read More →

Interview with Farrah Karapetian

Farrah Karapetian is a renowned Los Angeles based conceptual artist who creates stunning imagery through photograms or “cameraless” photography. She studied as an undergraduate at Yale University and received her MFA at UCLA. She just concluded an exhibition at Danziger Gallery in New York City and looks forward to her second exhibition at Von Lintel… Read More →

Images from Nicaragua

Successful adventure to Managua, Ometepe Island, Grenada, San Juan Del  Sur, Leon, Miraflor, Estali, and Laguna de Apoyo.        

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