THUMB Graciela Iturbide Mujer angel [Angel Woman], Sonora Desert, 1979

Podcast interview with Rose Shoshana of the Rose Gallery

Coming from the Mid-East to Detroit at ten years old, Rose Shoshana began as a photographer, and evolved to become one of the seminal pioneers in the LA art gallery movement. Some of the renowned artists she represents include: Graciela Iturbide, John Chiara, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, William Eggleston, Tania Franco Klein and many others.  In
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Podcast Interview with Carla Jay Harris

Carla Jay Harris is a unique multidisciplinary artist whose work includes: photography, installation, collage, and drawing.  She draws inspiration from both local history as well as her family archives to bring meaning and depth to her inventions.  After a successful career as a commercial artist (which continues), she received an MFA from UCLA, and her
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Podcast Interview Paul Martineau – curator with the Getty Museum

Paul Martineau is a 20 year veteran curator of the Getty Photography art department, and one of the most prolific and respected book authors of seminal monographs and thematic compendiums of photographers and their history. His books include examinations of: Robert Mapplethorpe, Herb Rifts, Minor White, Eliot Porter, Imogen Cunningham, Paul Outterbridge, as well as
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Interview with Tina Barney

Tina Barney is one of the most acclaimed fine art photographers in the U.S. She became well known photographing her real family in Rhode Island, and making large color prints from these interactions. While still in the midst of a thriving career, she recently had an exhibition of her current and past works called, Four
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Interview with Gregory Crewdson

Gregory Crewdson is one of the best known and influential fine art photographers working today. He is currently the director of the photography department at Yale University where he received his MFA early on. His work is internationally recognized as singularly unique for the painstaking lighting technique, which he creates with the help of very
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Interview with Holly Andres

Holly Andres is an American fine art and commercial photographer who has been creating dynamic and compelling images for over a decade. She started out shooting mostly fine art photography, but gradually branched into editorial assignments with the New York Times Magazine and many others. She continues to evolve and expand her art. For her
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