The main goal of the shoot is to get great photos in a relaxing and fun environment which will enhance your portfolio and hopefully get the phone ringing for you. What I am trying to achieve are photos that capture how you would look coming through the door to your audition spontaneous, relaxed, natural and elegant.

The pictures should have an interesting composition and spark that make them compelling and make them stand out from the other photos of people in your age range and physical type. Photo shoots are a creative process, like acting, and should be fun. Remember to bring your favorite music.


Not many photographers do both well, but that choice is what you both want and need. Many photographers don't want to bother with location shooting since it can involve problems with the wind, hair issues, and even squinting, yet the benefit is often greater translucent light with creamy and interesting backgrounds.

Conversely, many photographers don't know how to master light in studio. Yet when done well, studio shots give you crisp, sharp eyes and compelling expressions with beautiful white, gray, and black backdrops.

An artistic photographer can also manipulate many types of studio lighting, from soft and flat to bright and striking, and some with moody, dramatic shadows and textures. Regardless, the key is maintaining options, and that is why you want someone who can do it all well.


Once again, it's best to use a photographer who can do both. Horizontal offers the painterly and arty look that catches people's imagination, while verticals are the industry standard and look great on the web. It's all about options, variety, and maximizing your choices. In any case, as a photographer who has also shot for dozens of magazines, I can offer you the unique look and experience of being photographed in a personal style that fits your own precise needs.


  • Avoid noisy patterns, stripes and logos. Tops should have interesting neck lines and be very dark or very light for separation. Medium tones and pastels are not as good. Textures in clothes are fine (e.g. ribbed)
  • The tops will determine the look of the shoot. Bring a variety of necklines, textures, and light and dark fabrics. Also, include light and dark undergarments with no textures. Of course, feel free to bring what you feel most comfortable in.
  • For the bottom, one good pair of blue jeans, black jeans, black slacks and black shoes is all you need.
  • If you wear glasses, please be prepared to take out the lenses or to bring an extra frame without the lenses.


  • For more detailed rate info, please fill out the CONTACT FORM.
  • If you fill out the form, it's best to call as well with all of your contact info. I can better customize a rate for those who contact me, and I am willing to work with anyone to tailor an appropriate package.
  • A retainer fee will be deposited for one half the total cost. The balance will be paid at the shoot. All retainer fees are non-refundable.
  • Postponements must be made at least three business days prior to the shoot date.
  • After the shoot is booked, we can discuss in specific detail all key points, including location, lighting, clothes, etc.


Digital files are included at the end of the shoot with each package. The files provide you with the ability to go with either color or black and white. If you prefer USB thumb/flash drive, please bring one, and I'll copy that.

An LCD readout preview is included. This is the chance to decide if any of the choices made about hair, clothes and the like should be kept, adjusted, or eliminated before we shoot.

I can tell you where to go to get reproductions. The reproduction houses do the typeset and borders for each shot. They are made directly from the digital files with no generational loss and they usually cost about 50¢ to 90¢ each.

My hair and make up artist is outstanding, tries for a natural style, and stays the entire shoot. If you hire your own, please come with no make-up on and have your hair as close as possible to how you wear it at an audition.

You should ask for what you want and check the mirror and LCD to see that you are satisfied. Any discrepancies will be gladly adjusted, but please remember that any suggestion you have about anything must be voiced at the time of the shoot, not afterward.

I may be able to assist you in finding appropriate acting and modeling representation.

I strongly recommend a live retouching discussion with you and your photographer working together. Please inquire about the current studio rates for this service.