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THUMB Graciela Iturbide Mujer angel [Angel Woman], Sonora Desert, 1979

Podcast interview with Rose Shoshana of the Rose Gallery

Coming from the Mid-East to Detroit at ten years old, Rose Shoshana began as a photographer, and evolved to become one of the seminal pioneers in the LA art gallery movement. Some of the renowned artists she represents include: Graciela Iturbide, John Chiara, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, William Eggleston, Tania Franco Klein and many others.  In […]


Podcast Interview with Carla Jay Harris

Carla Jay Harris is a unique multidisciplinary artist whose work includes: photography, installation, collage, and drawing.  She draws inspiration from both local history as well as her family archives to bring meaning and depth to her inventions.  After a successful career as a commercial artist (which continues), she received an MFA from UCLA, and her […]


Podcast Interview with Soo Kim

Soo Kim is a South Korean born, Korean-American artist who currently works and teaches in Los Angeles, CA. Her innovative, one of a kind, art pieces have generated acclaim nationwide.  She attained art degrees from both UC Riverside and Cal Arts in Valencia, CA; and has shown her works at the Getty, Julie Saul in […]


Podcast interview with Alejandro Cartagena

The is the second interview with Alejandro Cartagena – the first with live audio.  We get to hear what’s new and exciting with one of the world’s top fine art photographers.   You can find Alejandro’s new exciting works at: https://assembly.art/artists/alejandro-cartagena.  Cartagena is a fine art photographer based in Monterrey, Mexico, and is represented by […]